Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Rolling Stones - Mickboy Remasters - Only Unreleased Tracks (Mentholated Sandwich & Get What You Need & Tastes Sooo Good & Main Street revisited)

The Rolling Stones - Mentholated Sandwich (Beggars Banquet Rekindled).
Torn and Frayed Production (Mickboy remaster) [T&F 014]

01 Jumping Jack Flash
02 Sympathy For The Devil
03 No Expectations
04 Parachute Woman
05 Salt Of The Earth
06 Street Fighting Man
07 Dear Doctor
08 Prodigal Son
09 Stray Cat Blues
10 Factory Girl
11 Jigsaw Puzzle
12 Jumping Jack Flash
13 Jigsaw Puzzle
14 Dear Doctor
15 Street Fighting man
16 Prodigal Son
17 You Gotta Move
18 Child Of The Moon
19 Jumping Jack Flash
20 No Expectations


The Rolling Stones - Get What You Need (Let It Bleed Remastered)
Torn and Frayed Production (Mickboy remaster) [T&F 010]

01 Gimme Shelter ( 4:33 )
02 Love In Vain ( 4:23 )
03 Country Honk ( 3:09 )
04 Live With Me ( 3:35 )
05 Let It Bleed ( 5:29 )
06 Midnight Rambler ( 6:56 )
07 You got the silver ( 2:54 )
08 Monkey Man ( 4:11 )
09 You can't always get what you want ( 7:32 )
10 Honky tonk women ( 3:05 )
11 Gimme Shelter (Video Promo Track) ( 4:32 )
12 Country Honk (One Guitar, No Fiddle, No Overdubs) ( 3:01 )
13 Jiving Sister Fanny ( 3:20 )
14 You Got The Silver (Mick On Vocals) ( 2:53 )
15 Gimme Shelter (Keith On Vocals) ( 4:31 )
16 Love In Vain (Ed Sullivan Show) ( 3:51 )
17 I Don't Know Why (Outtake) ( 3:01 )
18 You Can't Always Get What You Want (David Frost Show) ( 4:49 )
19 Honky Tonk Women (Has The Missing Verse, Early Acetate Without Guitar Overdubs) ( 3:02 )


The Rolling Stones - Taste Sooo Good
Torn and Frayed Production (Mickboy remaster) [T&F 012]

01 Brown Sugar ( 3:52 )
02 Sway ( 3:52 )
03 Wild Horses ( 5:43 )
04 Can't you hear me knocking ( 7:17 )
05 You Gotta Move ( 2:41 )
06 Bitch ( 3:34 )
07 I Got The Blues ( 3:52 )
08 Sister Morphine ( 5:32 )
09 Dead Flowers ( 4:05 )
10 Moonlight Mile ( 6:05 )
11 Cocksucker Blues ( 3:28 )
12 Sway ( 3:28 )
13 Brown Sugar ( 4:04 )
14 Sister Morphine ( 5:38 )
15 Wild Horses ( 5:37 )
16 Can't you hear me knocking ( 10:34 )


The Rolling Stones - Main Street revisited
Torn and Frayed Production (Mickboy remaster) [T&F 002]

101 Rocks Off
102 Rip This Joint
103 Shake Your Hips
104 Casino Boogie
105 Tumbling Dice
106 Sweet Virginia
107 Torn And Frayed
108 Sweet Black Angel
109 Loving Cup
110 Exile On Main Street Blues #1
111 All Down The Line (mono 45 version 12-71)
112 Get A Line On You (Shine A Light)
113 Stop Breaking Down
114 Highway Child
115 I Ain't Lyin' aka Ain't Gonna Lie
116 Good Time Women
117 Loving Cup
201 Happy
202 Turd On The Run
203 Ventilator Blues
204 Just Wanna See His Face
205 Let It Loose
206 All Down The Line
207 Stop Breaking Down
208 Shine A Light
209 Soul Survivor
210 Exile On Mainstreet Blues #2
211 All Down The Line
212 Loving Cup
213 Hip Shake
214 I Don't Know The Reason Why
215 Bent Green Needles
216 Sweet Virginia
217 Shine A Light



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