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Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos - 1988-11-24 Atlanta, "Atranta 1988" (Captain Acid Remaster)

Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos - Atranta 1988
Atlanta, Georgia, Fox Theater, 24 November, 1988
good audience

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Hi Stones fanatics,
this one was kick started by Falo. He wanted me to remaster a few Keith`s concerts, that he will incorporate in his MFG DVD`s. So this is the first of the 3.The original recording left a lot to be desired for.I have tried my best to improve it and it is better but it`s not perfect. But anyway you`ll probably be able to enjoy this recording for the first time.
As usual i have fixed pitch, phase and level corrected. Than i did the EQ, that is it.No compression, no noise reduction, no limiters!
I hope you`ll like it. Two shows from Keith soon to follow - Washington `88 and bit later Paris `93.


Captain Acid    2012

Disc ONE

01 . Take It So Hard
02 . How I Wish
03 . I Could Have Stood You Up
04 . Too Rude
05 . Before They Make Me Run
06 . You Don't Move Me
07 . Make No Mistake
08 . Time Is On My Side

Disc TWO

01 . Big Enough
02 . Whip It Up - Band introduction
03 . Locked Away
04 . Struggle
05 . Happy
06 . Connection
07 . Rockawhile
08 . It Means A Lot




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