Saturday, January 18, 2014

You get carried away too much. fxuckxixn' fellow, It's YOU, YOU... "Godxofxrock9" !!!!!!!!!!!

this man is the not trifling guy who has grunted the trivial thing stealthily.
therefore, I will say once again. "shame,shame,shame" & "get off of my cloud" & "shut your DIRTY mouth, Your breath is really stinking, stinking, and stinking. F*U*C*K*Y*O*U" !!!!!!!! I will attach a name suitable for you."Sonxofxaxpig9 or SonxofxaxCockroach9"... HA HA HA!!


  1. Hm...
    circumstances of your mystic poetry may be hard to decipher for a stranger like me.
    Of course on your site your'e your master but...
    let's say 10 beers wouldn't release your tension better?
    All the best in New Year,

  2. Why can't we all just get along?

  3. I think you need 10 beers

  4. Personally i am not offended,the matter is small and it really should not be this big of a deal i was trying to do right by the uploaders which clearly you have wronged, you can insult me all you want but it wont do anything to effect me at all.

    and also learn how to use English correctly

    1. You have neither the qualification for getting offended, nor the qualification on which it advises to me.
      What is written in calmness freely.
      Disappear from here quickly.
      It is offensive to the eye.
      You get carried away too much. wronged?
      I am not so free as it explains to you something one by one!
      You are a trivial guy truly...

    2. I say once again.
      It does not have if that is right, the qualification said that this is not right in you.
      If carried out such from a simpleton like you, I will get angry truly.
      You who tell it anonymously are a little coward truly.
      I hate a fellow like you truly.

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  6. BOYS!!!
    Come back home! Dinner is on a table!
    :-) :-) :-)

  7. Cowardly or not, once again, why can't we all just get along? I may be a "coward", but what you gonna do when i come for you? Anyway, thank you all for your downloads, as this makes life a little more fun because of people like you!

  8. Ahhh.... I don't get it. What goes on here....?

  9. Could you please reupload fort worth 1997 Ald-soundboard please?

  10. Your not gonna let this incident stop you are you? That would be a hardship for the rest of us that love this place

  11. What the f.... is this? Someone please can explain to me what the hell are talking about this man?
    Is a nervous breakdown? Just a bad day?...keep your cool man and don't let the bastards grind you down...