Wednesday, May 15, 2013

[DVD×2 FULL - Pro Shot] The Rolling Stones - 1989-12-14 Olympic Stadium Montreal, Quebec, Canada "Les Roues Metallic Jumeaux Demons"

There is indication that a file is broken and easily checked it generally, but there does not seem to be the problem in particular !
The Rolling Stones
Les Roues Metallic Jumeaux Demons
December 14, 1989
Olympic Stadium Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Label: Empress Valley
5.1 chnls
2 DVD Set

01 Continental Drift
02 Start Me Up
03 Bitch
04 Sad Sad Sad
05 Undercover Of The Night
06 Harlem Shuffle
07 Tumbling Dice
08 Miss You
09 Ruby Tuesday
10 Play With Fire
11 Terrifying
12 Rock And A hard Place
13 Mixed Emotions
14 Honky Tonk Women
15 Midnight Rambler

01 You Can t Always get What You Want
02 Little Red Rooster
03 Can t Be Seen
04 Happy
05 Paint It Black
06 2000 Light Years From Home
07 Sympathy For The Devil
08 Gimmie Shelter
09 Band Introduction
10 Its Only Rock N Roll*
11 Brown Sugar
12 Satisfaction
13 Jumping Jack Flash

* with Living Colour

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GSpot Data:

DVD VOB format
MPEG-2 Program Stream <<{ 1 vid, 2 aud }
Sysbitrate: 10080 kb/s VBR



48000Hz 448 kb/s tot , 6 chnls [3/2.1]

Codec ; MPEG-2 

Pic/s 29.970 ; Frames/s 29.970 , Fields/s 59.940

NTSC   pic  [w x 720 X 480 , seq ext 720 X 480

Ratio 4:3

Menu and chapters

DVD 1 ; 4,13 GB

DVD 2 ; 4,37 GB

Have fun ; JumpingJack1 & UrbanSteel
(I appreciate having shared this, Thanks !)


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  1. Thanks Kavach Its Great Do You Have The Toronto 1989 dvd

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    1. It was commented that a file was broken, but was able to acquire it without a problem by the check of my all files. But there is it when thawing stops because I omitted a procedure a little. Not defrosting (), in turn when I go around some storages and download it because space, is incompatible. (but I think that I understand the rough one...) is slightly troublesome, but, in the case of thawing, please change the file name to the brief thing in turn.

      An example: file.part01.rar, file.part02.rar.....file.part17.rar.

  5. this dvd looks good lets have a look

  6. Thanks Kavach It Works And Its A Great Dvd Do You Have The Atlantic City 1989 Dvd