Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Beatles - The Alternate Let It Be [MP3]

The Beatles - The Alternate Let It Be

The Alternate Album
01. Two Of Us (wearing postcards) (early version, incomplete lyrics. Twickenham studio sessions)
02. Dig A Pony (Apple rooftop concert) 
03. Across The Universe (Glyn Johns second mix, januari 1970)
04. I Me Mine (last true Beatles recording. 03/01/1970)
05. Dig It (interesting version. John mentions all the album tracks)
06. Let It Be (take 25b. Apple studio sessions. "Brother Malcom comes to me", instead of "Mother Mary")
07. Maggie Mae (traditional) (unmixed version, Apple studio sessions)
08. I've Got A Feeling (Apple studio sessions)
09. One After 909 (Apple rooftop concert)
10. The Long And Winding Road (take 16c, Apple studio sessions. Different lyrics, very empty version)
11. For You Blue (slide guitar, Apple studio sessions)
12. Get Back (Apple rooftop concert) 

The Alternates
13. Don't Let Me Down (early version, John and Paul singing. Twickenham studio sessions)
14. Old Brown Shoe (early version, Apple studio sessions)
15. Teddy Boy (Glyn Johns second mix, januari 1970)
16. All Things Must Pass (take 2, unaltered, Apple studio sessions)
17. Suzy's Parlour (unreleased song, Twickenham studio sessions)
18. Wake Up In The Morning (unreleased song, Twickenham studio sessions)
19. Besame Mucho (Apple studio sessions) 
20. Across The Universe (funny fast version)
21. I Me Mine (early version. Incomplete lyrics. Twickenham studio sessions)
22. I've Got A Feeling (lead vocal by John Lennon, Apple studio sessions)
23. One After 909 (take 2. 1963 version. Recorded for the "With The Beatles" album, but never used)
24. For You Blue (early acoustic version. Twickenham studio sessions)
25. Get Back/Get Rausch (german version. Apple studio sessions)
26. Get Back (No Pakistanis) (Twickenham studio sessions)
27. Get Back (Reprise) 




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