Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Beatles - The Alternate White Album (Alternate Mixes, Studio and Home Demos) [MP3]

The Beatles - The Alternate White Album
Pear Records [PDP-010 - CD-P2]

Containing no tracks officially released in the "Anthology" series, this compilation of outtakes, alternate versions,
and live performances attempts to give another take on the Beatles' White Album.
All these recordings are available elsewhere in varying quality,
but in this case presentation is everything, and it is nice to have them compiled here

Alternate mixes, studio and home demos. Pear release.

Disc 1
01 Back In The USSR
02 Dear Prudence
03 Glass Union
04 Ob-La-De, Ob-La-Da
05 Wild Honey Pie
06 The Continuing Story Of Bungalo
07 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
08 Happiness Is A Warm Gun
09 Martha My Dear
10 I'm So Tired
11 Blackbird
12 Piggies
13 Rocky Raccoon
14 Don't Pass By Me
15 Why Don't We Do It In The Road
16 I Will
17 Julia
18 Child Of Nature
19 Not Guilty
20 Circles
21 Sour Milk Sea
22 Junk
23 Hey Jude
24 Brian Epstein Blues
25 What's The New Mary Jean

Disc 2
01 Birthday
02 Yer blues
03 Mother Nature's Son
04 Everybody's Got Something To Hide Expect Me And My Monkey
05 Sexy Sadie
06 Helter Skelter
07 Long, Long Long
08 Revoution 1
09 Honey Pie#1
10 Honey Pie#2
11 Cry Baby Cry
12 Revolution 9
13 Good Night
14 I Hate To See
15 Hey Jude
16 Las Vegas Tune
17 Everyone Had A Hard Year
18 A Case Of The Blues
19 Happy rishikesh Song
20 Oh My Love
21 Gone Tomorrow Her Today
22 Helter Skelter
23 Wierd Album Sessions
24 Spiritual Regeneration
25 Riskikesh No. 9




  1. So much better without sounding pretentious than 'The White Album'... probabably how most members would have liked it.

    Why did they leave the nice guitar from the 'Rocky Rackon' Sessions?

  2. Excelente material!!!! nunca habia escuchado este tipo musica del Cuarteto de Liverpool, habria mas material que puedas subir? suena interesante los ensayos!!!! gracias.
    Atte. Albert. desde la Cd. de México. Saludos!!!!!!

  3. Fantastic site. Since now on my favourite. Keep it up !