Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Rolling Stones - 1969 Soundboard Compilation "There's No Angel Born In Hell"

The Rolling Stones - There's No Angel Born In Hell
The Swingin' Pig [TSP-CD-028]  1CD

Track1-4: Madison Square Garden, NY (Nov.27/28,1969)
 *Track3 is Civic Center, Baltimore, MA (Nov.26,1969) ?

Track5-8: Altamont Speedway, San Francisco, CA (Dec.6,1969)
Soundboard Recordings.


1. Jumping Jack Flash [04:34]
2. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [05:42] 
3. Love In Vain [04:08] 
4. Honky Tonk Women [04:18]

5. Sympathy For The Devil [02:20] 
6. Sympathy For The Devil [08:27] 
7. Under My Thumb [04:34] 
8. Gimme Shelter [02:05] 


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