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The Rolling Stones - How Do You Hide Your Love [Goats Head Soup Outtakes Collection] (Version 2 - UPGRADE) PLUS

The Rolling Stones - How Do You Hide Your Love (Version 2 - UPGRADE)
Goats Head Soup Outtakes Collection

01 Dancing With Mr. D III
- early extended version
02 100 Years Ago II
- Nicky Hopkins on piano, Billy Preston on clavinet, Jimmy Miller on percussion; slightly longer differently mixed acetate-version
03 Angie
- different mix of album version
04 Silver Train I
- Ian Stewart on piano, Jimmy Miller on percussion; early version without harmonica
05 Silver Train II
- Ian Stewart on piano, Jimmy Miller on percussion; differently mixed acetate-version
06 Silver Train III
- Ian Stewart on piano, Jimmy Miller on percussion; different mix of album version
07 Hide Your Love
- Jimmy Miller on bass drum, Bobby Keys on sax, Rebop on congas; differently mixed (more guitar, less piano) acetate-version
08 Winter
- Nicky Hopkins on piano, strings arranged by Nicky Harrison; different mix of album version
09 Tops
- instrumental
10 Waiting On A Friend I
- Nicky Hopkins on piano, Jimmy Miller on percussion; "Waiting On My Friend" version
11 Criss Cross I

12 Criss Cross II
- first version with Bobby Keys on sax (in the outro)
13 Criss Cross III
- with Bobby Keys on sax from early on
14 Criss Cross IV
- edited version II  with more (Bobby Keys on) sax and vocal overdubs; used as soundtrack for the Japanese movie Metamorphoses

15 Fast Talking
- Nicky Hopkins on piano
16 You Should Have Seen Her Ass
-Nicky Hopkins on piano
17 Separately
- Nicky Hopkins on piano; Jimmy Miller on percussion; instrumental
18 Wind Call
19 Criss Cross Ia*
- basic track, with barely audiable sax

Hi friends,
this is version 2 - an UPGRADE.On this version i have fixed the azimuth misalignment issue.Tracks sound more clear now, and stereo is better centered. It does sound much better than before, IMHO.


Hi Stones Fanatics
This is Acid Project Vol 04.I wanted to deal with those outtakes for a long time, and than Midnrambler posted his compilation of outtakes from his silver disc`s, on HC. So i took his compilation as a source ( with his blessing ).Every track was pitch and level corrected and EQ-ed.

Mr.D made another great artwork and also suggested we add Wind Call ( some people claim that song does not belong here, but it is somewhere between GHS and IORNR, and it fits nicely on the end so we have put it here )
January 2012
Captain Acid



25th - 30th November & 6th - 21st December 1972: Kingston, Jamaica, Dynamic Sound Studios. Producer: Jimmy Miller. Sound engineer: Andy Johns (with Carlton Lee). Additional musicians: Nicky Hopkins (p; first three weeks)/Billy Preston (keyb; last week)

28th May 1973 onwards: London, Island Recording Studios. Mixing and overdubbing for the album Goat's Head Soup・(partially without KR). Producer: Jimmy Miller. Sound engineer: Andy Johns (with Howard Kilgour). Additional musicians: Nicky Hopkins, Billy Preston, Bobby Keys, Jim Horn, Rebop, Pascal, Ray Cooper, Jim Price, Nicky Harrison, Chuck Finley and Jimmy Miller

Taken from the CDs:

- Fast Talking (VGP) (my silver)
- Acetates (Midnight Beat) (my silver)
- Lonely At The Top/Nasty Habits (VGP) (my silver)
- Reel Time Trip (Scorpio) (download from HC/IORR)
- "Separately" taken from silkcut1978's vinyl rip of "Nasty Habits"

Reworked with Adobe Audition (volume adjustment, partly slight eq'ing, partly restoring clipped audio, partly speed correction)

No artwork from me, sorry, but feel free to create your own and share it.

***Since the domain remained, these are added.(into Part2)***
The Rolling Stones
Goats Head Soup Reheated
30th Anniversay Digital Bonus Edition

Selects: (*Tracks 12-16: acetate versions.)
07. Criss Cross Man
11. Star Star (not 'clean' version)
12. Dancing With Mr. D.*
13. Silver Train*
14. Hide Your Love*
15. 100 Years Ago*
16. Winter*

Omits: (It is because these tracks are not different in it being official & not RS)
01. Dancing With Mr. D.
02. 100 Years Ago
03. Coming Down Again
04. Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
05. Angie
06. Silver Train
08. Hide Your Love
09. Winter
10. Can You Hear The Music
BONUS: 17. Silver Train (Mick Taylor & Carla Olson / Recorded live 1991)




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